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Protect Your Future: Your Guide To Maintaining Your Mortgage

13 Apr

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With the cost of living on the rise, many of our clients have expressed concerns about the mortgage application process and how they can better protect themselves and their assets for the future. If you’re having concerns about your current financial situation, our Mortgage Advisors in Northampton are here to help. We’ve put together a one-stop guide to help put your mind at ease by answering our clients’ most frequently asked questions. 

Need tailored, specialist advice on the mortgage options available to you? Book a free consultation with us today to get started, or read on to find out more about the steps you can take now to protect yourself for the future. 

What If I Struggle With My Mortgage Payments?

 A question we often get asked is: “What if I lose my job or have difficulties keeping up with my mortgage repayments in the future?” If you’re struggling to keep up with your mortgage repayments, we highly recommend that you get in contact with your lender directly to raise your concerns as early as you can. Many lenders now have debt helplines and counseling services to provide support if there have been changes in your financial circumstances. 

Don’t bury your head in the sand – speak to one of the services available who will be able to help you set up a payment plan or provide advice on the next steps for managing your repayments. 

Will I Need To Take Out Protection Or Insurance?

As part of the application process, it is not a legal requirement that you need to take out mortgage protection insurance, although we strongly recommend our clients consider this. Mortgage protection insurance is a great way to protect and provide peace of mind for you and your family. It will help to ensure that in the event of death or long-term illness, your family is supported and can remain within the property. 

For more information, we also offer life insurance, along with critical illness and income protection support. Visit our Insurance page for more information, or speak with one of our Mortgage Advisors in Northampton today. 

What If I’ve Had Past Problems With Credit?

As specialist Mortgage Brokers, we have access to a huge range of products available on the market, from a range of different lenders, including products to help those who have had issues with credit in the past. During our free initial consultation, we run through your credit history and discuss your current circumstances in more detail, before advising on which products are available.   

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For more advice on the mortgage application process and current trends in the meantime, visit our News & Insights page. 

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